Primrose Villa


Primrose Villa Front



Primrose Villa Rear


Two storey house with five windows at the front and four at the rear. The downstairs windows  are 75 mm x 125mm whilst the upstairs comprises of four 75 mm x 100 mm and one 50mm x 100 mm window. The window surrounds are hand made and  painted to represent Stone lintels with external shutters, the front door surround has two pillars supporting a porch and step.  It has  four rooms with a landing and hallway, complete with stairs.It has black sash-cord style windows.


Size: W 54 cms x H 57 cms Incl Chimneys x D 26cms standing on base 54 cms x 30 cms

Colour: Pale Yellow with white and green details


Front of house totally removable, meaning no broken hinges. Held in place by means of a magnetic catch.

Roof is also completely removable exposing attic space. Opening front door fitted with brass hinges.


Material 9 and 12mm ply finished in non toxic paints

Windows Non shatter perspex


House is fully assembled using no nails or screws other than to fix hinges and magnetic catch

Price €199.99 each

Shipping and Postage FREE

Ex works –  allow 7/10days delivery