Marigold House

Marigold House Front


Marigold House Rear


Three storey house with five windows at the front and six at the rear. The downstairs windows  are 75 mm x 125mm whilst the upstairs comprises of eight 75 mm x 100 mm windows. The window surrounds are hand made and painted to represent Georgian style stonework. It has  four rooms with a landing and hallway, complete with two stairs.It has black Georgian cross style windows.


Size: W 38 cms x H 70 cms Incl Chimneys x D 26cms standing on base 38 cms x 30 cms

Colour: Pale Yellow with white, coffee and green trim

Front of house totally removable, meaning no broken hinges. Held in place by means two hook and eyes to the side of the house.

Roof is also completely removable exposing attic space. Opening front door fitted with brass hinges


Material: 9 and 12mm ply finished in non toxic paints

Windows: Non shatter perspex

House is fully assembled using no nails or screws other than to fix hinges and magnetic catch

Price €199.99 each

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