The ark comes with removeable cabin and roof to access 20 pairs of handmade and hand painted animals, complete with Mr and Mrs Noah. The animals fit neatly into the hull of the Ark for easy storage. The hull is designed and made in such a way as to give the effect of planks and together with the cabin is hand made and painted.



Size: L 66 cms x W26 cms x H 24 cms

Colours: Dark and light finish hulls with, Red, white and black, Green, yellow and white,  Dark blue, white and light blue cabin finishes.

Complete  with 20 pairs of animals ranging from Elephants, the largest at 14cms x 11cms to Turtles, the smallest at 7.5cmsx 3.5cms. All individually hand painted making each set unique. ( Go to drop down menu on Arks for a full set of animal pictures)

Materials: 9 and 12mm ply with white deal.

Price €199.99 each  including 20pairs of animals and Mr and Mrs Noah

Shipping and Postage FREE

Delivery – Made to order allow 4 weeks

+ 2 years



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