Special Toy Orders

Each toy is made to order. So take the opportunity to customise each toy, this makes it a unique gift, giving it that SPECIAL touch.

Here are some examples of how toys can be made unique.

Lorries made to carry Company Logo’s and characture figures . Click on any pictures below to view

Toys made to carry child’s name and customised hand painted figures

Above lorry done as a customer request to combine Farm animals from tractor and Brick lorry

Dolls Houses can have a child’s initials, a house name and or a date included to give the house a unique touch. Something by which to remember the giving and receiving of the gift.



Price to customise €20.00per toy. Currently free of charge on any order

Ex works Allow 4 weeks

Instructions for Special requirements such as Names, Logo’s or colour requirements must be given in writing. Either by Post or email. Telephone instructions must be confirmed by either Post or email before work commences. Once written instructions have been received a Paypal invoice will be sent by email to enable payment. Or an invoice can be sent out in the post so that payment can be made by Cheque or Bankers draft.

Please Note. Special orders cannot be returned